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Cardiff University scientists discover asthma's root cause

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For all the people who think basic research is a waste of money... by doing this research which shows an existing drug is an effective therapy for asthma, they will save tons of time and money down the road for sufferers who don't have to wait out the full approval or patent process.

5% of people with asthma don't respond to current treatments, so this new research could really help those people.

Researchers have proved that a receptor, known as the calcium sensing receptor or CaSR, causes asthma.

This has led them to discover that the condition could be treated using existing drugs called calcilytics.

The study was made using mouse models of asthma and human airway tissue from asthmatic and non-asthmatic people.

Asthma affects about 300 million people worldwide.

And will affect more and more people in the coming decades.

Now let's wait for independent research teams confirmation, 1 source isn't enough especially when there are huge commercial interests like in this case.

Good point. Will keep an eye open for more research and results. 

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