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Young celebrities - Imgur

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Robert De Niro. Cher.  And many more.

Wow! I like this one of Audrey Hepburn at age 13 in 1942:

young Audrey Hepburn age 13 in 1942 Imgur

Audrey was born in Belgium but grew up in German-occupied Holland. Following the end of the war, she moved to England and started acting.

I had a hard time choosing just two...She does resemble Natalie Portman--or the other way around.

I liked the Frank Sinatra too.

Yes, I see her resemblance to Natalie Portman!

Why choose just 2? I do like the 10 year old Frank Sinatra in 1925:

young Frank Sinatra, age 10, looking as suave as you would expect. 1925 photo Imgur

I also like John Lennon, 17, with his then-girlfriend and future wife Cynthia. [1957]

young John Lennon age 17, with his then-girlfriend and future wife Cynthia in 1957 Imgur

And Marilyn Monroe, 19, in 1945.

young Marilyn Monroe age 19 in 1945 photo Imgur

Monroe was working in a wartime factory when a photographer came to take photos of the staff. The camera and photographer loved Marilyn and he helped her get into modeling.

I like age 7 George Clooney in 1968:

young George Clooney, age 7, would grow up to look exactly like his dad. 1968 photo Imgur Tumblr

I barely recognize Arnold at 19 in 1967.

young Arnold Schwarzenegger, age 19, enjoys Oktoberfest in Munich, West Germany. 1967 photo Imgur

Cutest of all is Dalai Lama at age 2 in 1937.

young Dalai Lama, age 2 in 1937 boy photo Imgur

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