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Time Lapse of Volcano Calbuco's Eruption

Source: YouTube Video

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I wonder how much actual time these 23 seconds represent.

Yours is the frontpage one, made with the video to gif imgur tool.

Hence why it's smaller, and shorter than mine made manually.

For some reason the imgur tool limits to 15sec, most of my gifv can go to 30sec and sometimes up to 1min, all that staying under the 50mb imgur upload limit.

Their 15sec limit makes little sense.

The video to gif tool makes the gifs ENORMOUS.

All the more reason for us to support HTML5 video, eh?

In the meantime we can only fit tiny gifs like this on PandaWhale:

hot woman on toilet chilli chile volcano gif imgur tumblr

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The Imgur comments themselves are pretty lowbrow.

mphmts om frrh yo meme Imgur Tumblr shits on fire yo

Oh lawd Jesus it's a fayre - Imgur

International Space Station view of Sarychev Volcano near Japan:

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