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Tidal's Plan for Indie Artists

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Tidal has been publicly dinged for not doing more for independent artists, but it’s also doing things other streaming music services are not. For example, instead of the industry standard of paying indie labels 55% and majors 60%, Tidal is paying record labels 62.5% across the board regardless of size.

“I think indie artists who come on to Tidal through their label can at least have the piece of mind that their label is not being paid less of a percentage just by virtue of being indie,” Schlogel explained.

After paying labels and publishers about 75% of revenue, that leaves 25% to pay employees, hosting fees, and other bills. Right now, Tidal is actually operating in negative profits — I was told.

It’s easy to be skeptical that these moves are in response to the public backlash of super-rich artists having a financial stake in the streaming service, but realistically it’s hard to imagine it’d even be possible to get these services together this quickly. Artist dashboards for data analysis are the type of technical challenges that just take time.

Beats Music, for instance, will have been in the works for around two and a half years when Apple re-launches it in a few months as its own in-house offering.

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I'm surprised this wasn't part of their launch story.

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