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You Need to Move. Constantly.

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“Your body requires low-grade movement throughout the entire day for basic biological function,” says Katy Bowman, a biomechanist and author of Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement. “It has almost nothing to do with athletic performance—it has to do with your body’s circulation and feeding its cells.” Try these five strategies for a more mobile day.

Think Small

Little movements and stretches, done continually throughout the day, are the most beneficial. Use a rolled up yoga mat to stretch your lower calves and foot tendons while standing and talking on the phone. Or sit on the edge of your chair with your left foot on the floor. Place your right ankle on your knee to stretch your piriformis, a muscle deep in your hip. Switch legs throughout the day.

It's good advice.

Stand when you can throughout the day. Walk when you can. Take the stairs when you can.

Keep a Pilates ring at your desk.

Deluxe Pilates Exercise Ring

What's that useful for?

Seated resistance training.  You can squeeze the ring between your knees or thighs while typing or take a two-minute break and squeeze together  between your hands as shown above.

Dress for the job you want!

The job I want is NOT sitting at a desk!

Heavens no!  You want to be a shill for the ThighMaster!

Wait, do Thigh Masters still exist? I thought they ended many years ago?

Still around .... joined by the ButtMaster!

All these years I could have been mastering my butt?!

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