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Natalie Dormer thumbs up upvote gif

natalie dormer nod yes thumbs up reddit upvote gif imgur hot smile red carpet

Thank you sportsziggy for making this gif.

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Thank you panukka for just the thumbs up gif. panukka always upvotes source!

natalie dormer head nod yes thumbs up gif imgur tumblr gfycat hot smile red carpet

Panukka says "She often looks like she wants to have sex with you, and then kill you. In that order." Example:

Natalie Dormer hot Tudors bodice staring at you Imgur

The source they're applauding is "I wish Natalie Dormer stared at me like that" gif.

Aka in esclusiva per R101 il cast del nuovo film di Madonna "W.E." - 68. Mostra del Cinema:

Thank you Ulululuu for this source.

OP wish Natalie Dormer stared at me like that gif gifv:

There's a whole "girls mirin" subreddit:

Example is Stacey Thompson hosting this exclusive interview for FLEX Online backstage at the 2011 British Grand Prix with Flex Lewis and his wife Shina after Flex dominated the competition to win the 202 class:

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