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40 years of the volvo 240: why people still love the slow swedish boat

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this 1984 volvo wagon is the car i drive.  my mom bought her when i was 7, and i thought she was the coolest car in town!  i remember the pride i felt the first time she dropped me off at school: that brand new white wagon pulling into the circular drive!  it was so cool.  :)

i got to take the reigns when i was in college and once she was mine, i fell even more in love.  in the 17 years i have been driving her, she has required minimal maintenance and only complains when it is convenient (like running out of gas at the gas station and blowing a tire when she's parked).  but she is now old and rusty and a bit of a jalopy.  yesterday i discovered she needs transmission work and the question arose: is it time to let her die?

i did some research to find out what others are saying about the volvo 240 and whether or not she is something to let go.  the answer is a resounding no.  this car is beloved by all!

so it is with great relief that i bring my car to the shop for some tlc.  my 240 wagon is near and dear to my heart.  many a mile (333,000!) has been driven in my beloved joone.  i named my first children's book character after her.  i explored the mountains and valleys of california in this car, the hill country of texas, and the beaches of florida.  i painted birds all over the rear windows.  i made a bed in the back and slept in this car for days and weeks at a time.  i grew up in this car... and now i tote my own children around in her.  she is 31 years old, and she is one of the few things in my life that has remained the same.  it's nice to have something that doesn't change in our lives of constant flux.

so here's to joone (and all the other 240s): i've been saying it for years, you are the best car on the road!

Rare is the car that lasts 31 years!

330,000 miles is amazing. I suggest you write to Volvo and tell them the story.

Maybe they'll be so touched my a car you've had nearly your whole life that they'll do something. 

You're very brave! I love new technology and manufacturing, so I get new cars constantly.  I had a 2005 XC90 that came off the boat and a 2008 XC90 v8 after that. I loved those cars, but the transmission of the first one went out at 15,500 miles a week after the Volvo dealership services cleared it for a good bill of health and 8 days after the dealership warranty ran out.   The second one was really great, but just really expensive even though they gave me amazing trade-in value for the one I purchased--almost to the point it didn't cost me anything as it had gone up in price so much as the cars became desirable.  I can't see keeping a car longer than 36,000 miles.

it's super fun to get a new car.  i totally understand wanting a new one every year.

i've had other cars that came and went without much emotion.  but joone is my forever girl.  <3

but i might also get emotional for this:

audi r8

How long can an Audi R8 last though? I'd imagine a lot fewer than 31 years.

so true! and since it costs ten times as much, it would have to last me 310 years to deliver a return at my volvo's level. ;)

I wonder what happens to old R8's. Or is that a trick question because there are no old R8's?

it is a trick question, but really, where will all the r8s go?  they sure are sexy, but i doubt they'll age as gracefully as my boxy old lady.  and surely none of those odometers will clock 333,000 miles!

Does their odometer even have a way to go past 99,999?

Where do they go? I guess one day they just spontaneously disintegrate?


it's sitting in your garage, a little unloved since you got the new ferrari, and then one day *poof!* it disappears...

New book idea: The Adventures of R8 after it liberates itself...

omg yes!  all cars go to heaven...!

Yes! I love that title! Is it allowed or too close to All Dogs Go To Heaven?

maybe it's too close.  ;)

All cars go to paradise.

boom!  that's it!

It's beautiful car, Emily, and FREE, and I would definitely invest in refurbishing!  Quick math on a (low-ball) $300 monthly car lease/payment over 17 years .... that's roughly $61k.  You owe it to the car!

thanks, geege!  i've never done the math before.  wow, she has saved me so much money!!

she really needs a paint job.  if the engine work isn't too much, that'll be the place to refurbish next.

i also like adam's idea of telling volvo how much she means to me... maybe they can help me locate the metal strip i need on the side!  ;)

Cars are a function of many things: identity, money, love!

i think it's joone's turn for some money!

Yeah, do check with Volvo. They might be very interested in telling the story of how long their cars last!

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