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The key to winning the VR race? Netflix.

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Netflix in virtual reality can blend two experiences we know and understand very well; the act of watching streaming content and the act of being inside a movie theater. The theater model of watching content in virtual reality is already established; there is a built-in application that comes with the Gear VR that allows you to use your own video files to watch in your own private movie theater, but only some codecs are supported and there are no streaming options from a service to which you've already subscribed.

Which is why a truly great native Netflix application is such an opportunity for whoever gets it right first. It's a service people likely already used, delivered in a way that's superior to their current use. Why watch television on a standard display when you can enjoy it in your own private movie theater? The inability to share the experience is one reason, but isolation and the ability to be by yourself is also a selling point.

So you're giving people an experience they know they like, watching movies in a nice, comfortable theater, using a service they likely already have, and the resulting act of watching movies in virtual reality is low impact.

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Virtual reality creating a movie experience? Cool!

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