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Game of Thrones s5e3 "High Sparrow" gifs and memes

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"If you ever call me sister again, I'll have you strangled." 

"Mother! :D!!" 

Margaery Cersei I wish we had some wine for you I'm afraid it's a bit too early in the day for us meme Game of Thrones s5e3 high sparrow Tumblr Imgur

Varys: Ok, Tyrion, it's time to be inconspicuous.


I'm well known for paying my debts wink wink

I may look impish but in bed you can really hear me roar. In fact, you might call me a King of the Rock because Casterly Rock Lann the Clever my sister is the dowager queen of the Seven Kingdoms and there is a hefty bounty on my head.

Jaqen H'ghar, the Yoda of the GoT Universe. The man who speaks in backwards sentences or riddles. 

Full of wisdom. Full of knowledge. Full of power.

"A boy must use The Force,"

Jon Snow Lord Janos meme Imgur Game of Thrones s5e3 high sparrow

"I'll never hurt her." ~Ramsay Bolton to Littlefinger about Sansa Stark

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