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Meg Whitman says HP *has* to make a smartphone.

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Meg Whitman is out of her mind.

She says the future s smartphones so HP needs to be in that business.

Everyone knows the only two companies making money in the smartphone business are Apple and Samsung.

Meanwhile that business is destroying RIM and Nokia, and it hasn't been kind to Microsoft and Dell. HTC is hanging in there barely, Motorola had to be bought to survive.

It's a bloodbath out there.

Let's see if she's smart enough to make Android devices, or if she's ready to double down on the Palm disaster.

Yeah... "We are the computer company, we have to take advantage to this form factor...."

Do these guys ever learn :(

Interesting thing is that she is right in certain respect....

International phone market is so vast, she might be able to sell globally just enough to make a few $$.

Also, getting involved in the mobile market might open up some opportunities for HP, where they are actually good at. Like large enterprise systems.

If RIM and Nokia, who have many years of experience, are getting killed out there, what chance does HP really have?

Perhaps they should buy RIM or Nokia's Mobile business to consolidate the fail?

That picture is dope!

I'm not even sure what we're looking at there.

Resell Samsung devices with add-on features and services...

That's the smartest strategy I can think of, given HP's desire to go in this direction.

Any chance Meg said "HP has to make a smartphone" to see how Wall Street will react?

And now that they've reacted okay, she can make an offer for Research in Motion?

I'm trying to imagine HP Blackberry as a descendent of iPaq.

What ever happened to iPaq?

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