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Elon Musk: "I'd Like A Girlfriend"

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Lol. He's a funny guy.

No he's not. I pity the fool.

He's human. Who wants their relationships publicized?

This line breaks my heart:

It could be her frustration with seeing her own words used to portray Elon as an honorable man who found a new love as his old one foundered.

No woman deserves that.

No relationship ever in history deserves to have it publicized; I think it's a travesty that folks publish this tabloid-esque drama, but then they are just a business and know that folks will read it.

I don't know Elon (or Tiger or Bill or Michael or any of the myriads of famous folks who've had public relationship issues) but I can admire his work from afar.

Having experienced friends' divorce up close, I do know that both sides' story seem credible; it's impossible to know what truly happens except for the couple in the relationship.

The main point is that if we admire their achievements without understanding their character flaws, then we run the risk of underrepresenting the costs of their ruthless ambition.

If someone is disloyal or mistreats someone who loves them, it tells you that the person values his own ambitions over the love of the most important people in his world.

I agree with you completely. But I've seen enough to know that there are two sides to every story; the accusation of a former colleague or lover might be motivated by a myriad of reasons -- the truth is usually not one of them.

Fair enough.

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