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Visualization: Now that California’s “Rainy Season” is Over, How Do Those Reservoirs Look?

Visualization Now that California s Rainy Season is Over How Do Those Reservoirs Look The Lowdown


This above map, created for The Lowdown by Bay Area web developer Victor Powell, shows fluctuations since 2010 in California’s 30-largest reservoirs. Grey borders mark each reservoir’s maximum capacity, while the blue shows fluctuating storage levels over time. All reservoirs are scaled relative to maximum storage capacity (with the largest — Shasta Lake — at 30 pixels). Click on each reservoir to see the change in capacity over the designated time period. View the changing percentages over time by hovering over the reservoir pop-out to the left of the graph. And use the slider at top to select specific time periods. Source code and data available here.

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Dry. They look very, very dry. 

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