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7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Memory

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It's a trap! There are no easy ways to boost memory.

That said, this is good:


Want to remember every detail of a special event, like what you were wearing, whom you talked to and what you nibbled on? Try lifting weights for 20 minutes afterward. 

(MORE: 7 Brain-Boosting Effects of Exercise

A 2014 study at Georgia Institute of Technology found that episodic memory (which is the long-term memory of an event) is enhanced by a short burst of resistance exercise.

Participants in the study who did 50 repetitions on a knee-extension machine, directly after being shown a set of photos, remembered 10 percent more than the participants who didn’t stress their muscles. 

The strength training had an even greater positive effect on the memory of photos that evoked an emotional response. The key element in this equation is short-term stress — in this case, intense physical exercise. 

Researchers tested the saliva of both groups, and the exercise group showed higher levels of norepinephrine, the type of adrenaline that has been shown to enhance memories. 

"Our study indicates that people don't have to dedicate large amounts of time to give their brain a boost," Lisa Weinberg, the Georgia Tech graduate student who led the project, told the university.

Shhh.  Shhh.  Here, smell some rosemary.

Mmmm.... rosemary...

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