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Pouring Molten Aluminum into a Watermelon

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You expect one thing to happen but something else happens and it's so much cooler than he thought.

The Watermelon Aluminum-Art Safety Checklist

  • Step 1: jeans, casual shoes, and molten metal? Check.
  • Step 2: lack of fire-safe enclosure? Check.
  • Step 3: slam kitchen knife into table? Check.
  • Step 4: cut through tough watermelon husk by pulling knife toward body? Check.
  • Step 5: flail knife around dog and sister? Check.


Redditors make a good point.

Do you remember the molten aluminum fire ant colony?

This video reminds me of that. 

Also, don't you just love that he's in Florida?

floridaman is at work again!  safety schmafety.

i was glad to see he did it twice, getting more aluminum in the hole the second time... and i was surprised it didn't turn out much better than the first time.

i love artistic experiments!

I like the word schmafety. :)

It really did turn out surprisingly well.

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