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Five Guys Secret Menu

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Five Guys just might make the best fast-food burger in the country, but beyond the straight-up offerings, we also dig the fact that they offer Pi + infinity different ways to tweak your burger, via an array of 15 totally free toppings, and other delicious shenanigans. So, we posited: why not create our own secret menu using their myriad ingredients?

For that task we brought in Food Network Star-winning chef, Do or Dine owner, and prominent Cereal podcast guest Justin Warner, who created a lineup that ranges from wild innovations to knockoffs of famous burgers across the country. Then we actually went to a Five Guys and made sure we could do all of them.

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The Quintuple Down

What to order: Two bunless little bacon cheeseburgers, a grilled cheese with bacon, and two hot dogs.

What to do: Assemble by flipping one of the bacon cheeseburgers upside down, putting the grilled cheese and hot dogs on top of that, grabbing the other bacon cheeseburger, and mashing it cheese side down on top of all that other crap. Gain at least 4lbs in one sitting, but elegantly.

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