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2015: Freddie Gray x Baltimore Riots >> Why your friends criticizing the Baltimore riots are either ignorant or racist

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Why are we surprised when people who fear for their lives get angry and interfere with social order? Even America’s patron saint of peaceful resistance, Martin Luther King, Jr., talked specifically about rioting and disruptions as an understandable component of social change. When the terms of how to “acceptably” change things are dictated by people who are the root cause of the problem — people in authority — then the “acceptable” or “legal” or “civil” ways to change things are, in fact, frequently oppressive.

It’s the same reason LGBT people rioted repeatedly in the 20th century, often in response to police brutality or failures of the legal system rooted in homophobia and bigotry.

1) whether it’s ignorance or callousness that leads them to whimsically dismiss the concerns of people of color, that dismissal amounts to racism.

2) many people bemoan the riots in Baltimore as their first foray into social commentary

3) all human beings are human beings. Ironically, white people who chomp at the bit to call people of color “animals” say literally nothing whenever fellow white people riot

4)  If you’re actually an “ally” to marginalized communities in America, don’t tell those communities how they should or should not act in response to society’s brutality or refusal to change.

People criticizing the riots have no idea what it's like to be that frustrated with the system.

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