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Footage shows the moment the devastating quake shatters Nepal


CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the capital city of Nepal.

People in Kathmandu can be seen going about their daily business, when the ground begins to shake, gently at first and then more ferociously. Residents attempt to flee the area but appear confused. In the moments after, a temple entrance can be seen toppling onto the road, crushing everything in its path.

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That's insane.  Thanks for posting this. Kudos to that guy who started searching for the person under the debri. 

Yeah, it takes a while to realize what's happening.

And yeah amazing his instinct was to search for the person.

The worst part starts about 1 minute in.

One woman jumps out of the way of the crashing building just in time. Amazing. 

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