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Game of Thrones s5e4 Precap: Can Daenerys Sit on Iron Throne, How Stannis Met Melisandre, Real Housewives of King’s Landing, Theme Songs

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On Stannis, Melisandre, and Dany on the Iron Throne:

Kenneth asks, “How come Castle Black has enough supplies to feed Stannis’s army and wildlings? I would assume the supplies are only good enough for the 100 brothers in the Night’s Watch.”

You’re kind of right. Remember, though, seasons in Westeros are of indeterminate length. A winter might last a year, or it might last 10 years — or even longer. Adding to the difficulty, sometimes there are false springs and false autumns. To survive winter, every community — villages, cities, and castles — needs to be laying away food all summer, however long that may be. No region of Westeros understands that reality like the North does, where the climate is crisp and snows are visible even in the height of summer. In the North, when winter hits, it’s not uncommon for an aged relative to announce to their family that they’re going hunting and walk out into the woods with no intention of ever returning so as to give the young a better chance at survival. The summer that’s drawing to an end in the show now has stretched for more than nine years, and during that whole time, the Watch has been stockpiling grain, salted meat, vegetables, and cheese. Jon can feed Stannis’s troops, plus thousands of wildlings, and can probably do so for a decent chunk of time. But what does feeding thousands of mouths for a year mean when winter might last eight?

Peter asks, “I forget if this has been addressed, but can we get a recap about how Stannis got hooked up with Melisandre?”

She just showed up on Dragonstone one day. To hear her tell it, she had a vision that Stannis was the reborn Azor Ahai, the great and possibly apocryphal hero whose victory over the forces of the Great Other ended the Long Night.

Adam asks, “Quick question — with all the talk of the Kings of old, and the Iron Throne, it only just dawned on me to ask — can Daenerys actually become a Queen, in her own right, without a King?”

The closest Westeros ever came, as far as we know, to having a queen regnant was about 170 years before the events of the show, when King Viserys I Targaryen named his daughter Princess Rhaenyra his heir. The result was a succession crisis that spiraled into a disastrous civil war that was the main cause for the eventual extinction of dragons and later came to be known as the Dance of the Dragons. That said, if and when Dany ascends the Iron Throne, I think she would functionally be the queen regnant, even though there’s really no precedent for something like that outside of Dorne. Let’s say, for alliances’ sake, she marries some John-Fuck Tyrell or whoever. That’s nice for him and he wouldn’t lack for comfort and influence, but whoever controls the dragons wears the pants. Not to mention the Unsullied, her small coterie of Dothraki, Ser Barristan and whoever else has been with Dany since Essos who would take orders only from her.

If Game of Thrones Characters had theme songs...

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