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Watch Elon Musk announce Tesla Energy in the best tech keynote I've ever seen

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Ha, we were just talking about this:

We were wondering if there's any scientific research that has been published that backs his claims. 

I wasn't wondering... haha

You don't wonder because you know there is none?

I don't wonder because it's irrelevant.  

At best scientific papers are a tertiary "nice to have" for people focused on real successes that improve the world – papers are neither a precursor for innovation success nor a blueprint for a preferred future.

I also don't wonder because I'm more focused on innovation and applied scientific methods than research and theories built upon theories.  And from my limited experience and reading of history the world becoming a better place simply doesn't depend upon increasing the supply of scientific papers:

Bright ideas that change the world are not well-correlated to tweedy professionals and lab-coated specialists taking lugubrious potshots at each other with well-vieled prosaic harrumphs at who's got the better theory and gets to name the discovery. 

Innovation, which is the scientific method in practice, depends much more upon ordinary and extraordinary amateurs making often simple ideas work to do one thing in practice and one thing only – produce a better result.

For me, results lead... and scientific papers do what they're supposed to do well outside my realm of wonderment: follow along, pick up the scraps of innovations and tentatively present an hypothesis, or resoundingly refute one.  

Good on yah!  Just not my bag, man...

You're highlighting the difference between Edison and Tesla, aren't you?

Curiously, Elon named the company after Tesla. Edison was the one with salesmanship. 

Yeah, that's a great lesson to learn... brilliant scientists and researchers can go unsung and brilliant innovators can become maligned and their innovations sidelined or abolished.

Salesmanship persuading the vested interests of powerful wealth will win the day every time.

Everyone needs to learn to sell if they want to be the best version of themselves.

best version?  <cringe>

Haha, hee hee!  Yep... that's strong AI, baby.  Versioning is coming if not already here.  It's inevitable.

Elon's kinda afraid of it but not afraid to speak out about it... and perhaps we should be too while we can.

The Verge loved Musk's presentation. 

First of all, it was short, clocking in at about 20 minutes. Musk didn't waste anybody's time. He used that time to present a problem of critical importance (eliminating humanity's use of fossil fuels), explained how it can be addressed, and offered a plausible solution in the form of a new product — one that's priced within reach of a lot of people and available to order. Amazingly, all of those things are actually pretty rare to see in one show. Tesla's presentation was inspiring, and Musk wasn't selling some fancy sci-fi trinket that has the benefit of Star Trek nostalgia. Dude was selling a battery.

But aside from all the technical details I enjoyed, what I liked most was Musk's humble tenor. His ambitions often seem scattershot and sometimes ridiculous, and he probably spends too much time worrying about killer AI, but tonight he seemed confident and focused. Most importantly, he spoke to the audience with a frank tone that didn't feel manipulative or canned. There were no overdone theatrics here, just an honest conversation about how a new product might solve a major problem. The humility and ambition don't just seem to be a show; Tesla has already opened some of its patents to competitors, and announced tonight that it would even open its Gigafactory plans to others.

Take notes, suits of Silicon Valley. This is how you do it right.

I wholeheartedly concur.

He was selling a battery but it could have been anything.

Haha! Yeah, maybe so.

I'd venture the majority of his authentic success is because he's pitching from a pedestal of accomplishment and momentum... sure his bonhomie was adorable, but being adorable as part of his stature is why I'd agree he can sell anything.

It'd be interesting to see if he'd have the same pitchman success and adorable impression if he was selling Amway products to us as a middle-class divorcee trundling through middle age ... 

...or even just "sell me this pen!"

He's much more polished than in 1999:

Years of practice have helped. 

Years of living with yourself helps too... he was 28 and a dweeb back then, now he's 43 and probably a little bit more worldly of what others are capable of listening to and want to hear.

It was funny to see him drop his eyes off-camera in the middle of the conversation and start reading his email at the end of the video... that hasn't changed.

Imagine how unstoppable he would be if he could focus. :)

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