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1100ft Freefall Kiss - Roberta Mancino in Dubai 4K

She makes it look so quick and effortless, but I imagine there is a lot of preparation in between jumps.

Roberta Mancino is one of a kind! Basejumper, Model, Freediver, she’s always on the road on search for the perfect thrill. Click here to follow her adventures:

She recently had the opportunity (along with some other base jumpers) to spend a few days jumping from the second tallest residential building in the world: the Princess Tower in Dubai (400 meters / 1360 feet).

Video includes the world’s biggest zipline, the first woman to fly a wingsuit from a tower, gainers, pike front flip, pyramid and finally the most extreme kiss in the world.

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OMG that is a scary jump!

What is it about the Dubai Princess Tower that inspired her to jump?

I think this is the tallest building in the world that allows base jumping.

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