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Circa: What went wrong

Circa What went wrong Monday Note

Circa What went wrong Monday Note

Circa What went wrong Monday Note

Circa What went wrong Monday Note


In mid-2013, many were praising Circa. The app was kind of unique at the time (see this Monday Note about it); it was built on a clever news flow rearrangement, truncated for faster reading; quotes were pulled out, sources listed apart in a precise manner. Circa gave readers the ability to follow-up on a story, a convenient feature no one else offered then. The whole process was manually operated by a tiny newsroom whose job was (and still is) to repackage others’ information, creating about 30-40 pieces a day and updating 2-3 times as much… Over the last two years, Circa grew to about 20 people.

The concept’s novelty attracted about $5.7m from angel investors. By the end of last year, Ken Doctor reported that Circa was seeking another $8m to support its development. And last week, Fortune’s Dan Primack revealed that Circa no longer sought capital but a buyer instead

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Five companies have captured 64% of the mobile ad market for news?!

Facebook gets more mobile ad money than Google, Twitter, Pandora, and iAds combined?!

Only five pure plays have more than 10m monthly visitors for their mobile audience?!

HuffPo, BuzzFeed, Bleacher Report, Business Insider, and CNET?!

Vice and Vox are way smaller than I thought.

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