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The 10 biggest health food misconceptions, according to nutritionists

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10. Multi-grain

"If seven grain is healthy, 12 grain must be even better, right? Not quite!" Thomas says. Multi-grain just means that there are two or more grains present in the pasta or bread. It has nothing to do with how refined the flour base used is, and if it's white, that means it has been stripped of most of its nutrients.

Instead, look for 100% whole wheat, which means that all of the grain kernel has been used so you're getting as much fiber and nutrients as possible.

Or no grain at all. The low carb people seem to be onto something.

There are better places to get calories than grains right? e.g. Sweet potatoes. 


Want my roasted sweet potato recipe?  Of course you do:

Cut up sweet potatoes into 1.5" cubes

Drizzle with olive oil 

Toss with a little lemon pepper and your favorite steak seasoning

Cover with a lot of full rosemary branches 

Roast in a 400-degree oven until crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and the rosemary leaves are blackened.  Eat the potatoes AND the rosemary.

That sounds like all kinds of awesome, and if I'm going to waste calories on carbs it's what I want.

They don't even mention the whole gluten-free scam.

Because it's so B I G and F A B U L O U S it needs its own dedicated article.

Please stash one if you find a good one.

Thank you week-ago Geege for stashing that. Giving it a re-read now.

So can we summarize this nutrition article by saying people should be skeptical of:

1. Granola

2. Smoothies and fruit juice

3. Skinny cow ice cream

4. Flavored yogurt

5. Chicken cooked in restaurants

6. Energy and snack bars

7. Vitamin water

8. Reduced-fat peanut butter

9. Agave syrup

10. Multi-grain

Basically, watch out for sugar, processed carbs, and low-fat anything.

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