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Oregon's Lost Lake is disappearing through a strange hole

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It's exactly like a big bathtub!

What the heck? It's like another dimension stuck its straw in our lake and now is drinking it up!

It smells so much like a clickbait/fake that I'm too lazy to even read the article.

It's not clickbait. It's treehugger. 

No one really knows the cause of the hole:

The hole has been there as long as anyone can remember, Jude McHugh, spokeswoman with the Willamette National Forest, told The Bulletin. And while the hole may appear to be one of those oddest of mysteries that nobody can quite figure out, the explanation is rather simple. The volcanic landscape of the area gives way to a number of quirky geologic traits – the one responsible for swallowing the lake is a lava tube. The tunnel-like structure is formed when flowing lava hardens near the surface but continues to flow downwards, and the inner lava escapes before hardening. The result, a tube that opens to the surface and leads to the mysterious depths below.

McHugh says it’s unclear exactly where the water goes, but it possibly seeps into the porous subsurface underground, refilling the expansive aquifer that feeds springs on both sides of the Cascades.

McHugh said there have been numerous attempts – unauthorized and discouraged – to plug the leak, so to speak. Over the years, workers from the U.S. Forest Service have found car parts, engines and other debris in the hole. Success in those endeavors, however, would only lead to local flooding as the area has been planned with the fickle nature of the ever-disappearing lake in mind.

Okay so it seems like it's not fake, but is still a clickbait.

There's no real mystery if it's in fact a lava tube like said in the text you pasted.

True, but no one has been able to confirm that. 

We can chalk that up to "mystery" or just plain laziness. :)

What's at the other end of the lava tube?  Please not something boring like porous rock.  I'm hoping for a waterfall on my Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Lava tubes are pretty cool things to visit:


I've visited one when I was in hawaii.

I also have probably walked on some active ones...


(Burnt my shoes to take this pic.)


Dude, you've been places!


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