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The Tablet Story Isn’t Over β€” But It’s Changing, by Recode

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Ben Bejarin says iPads will continue to have users, but bigger iPhones will have a lot more users.

At this point, I’m not expecting iPads to grow much, even if a new, larger, iPad Pro is released. It seems, at least for now from data we see, that the iPad may have penetrated as far as it can into the Apple unique user base. My estimates are that the iPad penetrated about 40 percent of Apple’s unique individual user base (different from installed base). The other dynamic playing into the iPad is the evolving nature of the device to be more shared than individual. Many consumers said they share the tablet with one person or more. This represents that more than 50 percent of users in our study indicated a shared dynamic with their iPad.

We agree that the iPad, and tablets in general, have an interesting role to play with businesses, but the realization of that growth may represent more a slow burn in momentum than quick bursts like we saw right out of the gate. Going back to myΒ thesis for tabletsΒ β€” that they are ideal computers for people who do not sit at a desk all day for their jobs, but work in the field β€” I came across this graphic from 2013. I don’t think a great deal has changed:

The Tablet Story Isn t Over But It s Changing Re code

The Tablet Story Isn t Over But It s Changing Re code

iPhone 6 is a game changer. It's big enough to be a tablet for many people.

And it has accelerated the switchers from Android:

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