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Allen Wirfs-Brock: ‘JavaScript will be the canonical language for the next 20+ years’

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I agree with the idea that Javacript will become the dominant language. It will win through sheer ubiquity. However, it misses a key point - Intel is adopting javascript for it's chipsets, because of it's ubiquity, and it's event-driven nature. Multithreading is no longer going to be an effective way to scale an application. You need a way to take advantage of distributed CPUs, whether it be you have a 128 core CPU on a single machine, or are operating in the cloud and doing parallel computing.

Well, and it's still going to take years for JavaScript to become ubiquitous.

Right now iOS Objective-C and Android Java have a lot of momentum.

Now for the desktop

This is totally right, and yet makes me despair... js is such a horrible, confusing, language....

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