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I really do wonder what the heck Cersei thinks she's doing. 

cersei if you hate me have you considered that I am beautiful think it over meme Imgur dIMTMrj.png

I see.

She thinks that just because she's rich, beautiful, and powerful, that she can get away with anything?

Well it seems inevitable that her uppance will come.

In the first episode this season (s5e1) they foreshadowed that her children will all die.

And they foreshadowed this week (s5e4) Jaime Lannister dying in her arms too, right?

Someday, Tyrion will be the last of that line of Lannisters. I guess that will make him a king right?

Wait wait wait wait wait.  JAIME is going to DIE?

In the books he's still alive. So we can't know for sure.

Still, all men must die, right?

Did you watch this week's episode? Do you know the foreshadowing I'm referring to?

No, but "Sons of the Harpy"

Sons of the Harpy is the episode I'm talking about. Listen to the Bronn-Jaime discussion. 

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