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Tina Fey last dress ever for David Letterman

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"It's almost medical..."


And I cannot thank you enough!

sorry, I guess I'm not up w/ the lingo.. but... 'lemon'? is it something like a camel toe, but smooth? I am completely ignorant, here.

edit: yeah, so... I was way fucking off.... like someone else said, "just ask, don't try to guess" - indeed... Also, I'm really not an idiot. I swear.

edit2: ha, oh my... thank you for the gold kind stranger. This has blown up to kind of embarrassing proportions. I feel like I should apologize to the lovely Ms. Fey: Sorry!... But, for what it's worth, I'm sure that... well, I'll just leave it at that - married man here, so... Good day.

edit3: ouch, my inbox... Also, I realized my last comment 'apologizing' to Ms. Fey was.... kinda like me saying, "I like how your boobs aren't all veiny" (see, I do watch some TV - and I don't even like Family Guy.) And FFS,this is my highest voted comment?... something about conflating a TV show character and a smooth box. Wonderful.

Yeah, sometimes the Reddit comments are a goldmine. :)

liz lemon = 30 rock character of tina's

Right, so it's funny when the Redditor doesn't understand the context but still shoots his mouth off. :)

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