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This Is What's Ruining The World's Sleep -- And It's Not Our Technology Addiction

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In recognition of World Sleep Day and with the help of research firm KJT Group, Philips conducted a survey titled "Sleep: A Global Perspective" to help gain insight into the main sleep disturbances affecting people worldwide. They found that worrisome thoughts about work and economic or financial issues are the top two stressors keeping people awake at night.

So don't worry, be happy!

Money truly is the root of all evil.

not willing to say all evil. most?

OK fair enough, I didn't make it up guy. To me anything that robs me of sleep is EVILISSIMO!

This is ironic. I'm up early on a Saturday, because I had a work nightmare. My brain decided to let me know I had made a small error in a report. I got on the computer and wrote an email to correct the error.

But yes, getting robbed of sleep, especially over things that should be so inconsequential, is evil.

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