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CTO Megan Smith explains how women in tech are erased from history

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If you don't know the individual and collective contributions of women in technology THROUGHOUT HISTORY... it's a lot easier to dismiss current and future women's potential contributions. What if for every young man who imagined himself to be a future Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, there was a young woman who could imagine herself to be a future Margaret Hamilton or Grace Hopper? Denigrate those few role models and it really looks like greatness is not possible for women.

Woah, I did not realize this:

Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Megan Smith, stopped by the Charlie Rose show recently and revealed a starting fact: Although four women worked on the Macintosh team in the 1980s, not a single one was cast in the 2013 biopic Jobs with Ashton Kutcher. Even worse, all seven men who worked on the project had speaking roles in the film.

"It's debilitating to our young women to have their history almost erased," Smith explains.

You can watch the full Megan Smith Charlie Rose interview here.

We've apparently finally come to the point of broad acceptance that mediocre and banal Hollywood entertainment is now a sanctioned repository of factual history and cultural education.  Blech!

And that's easy for me to say, cause my cultural education and factual role models in the Princess Bride have yet to be erased... 

I honestly think a far better focus for prescriptive antidotes to enduring sexism (not mutually exclusive to the above sentiments) is better and more broadly realized fictional representations of strong womanhood as protagonists, rather than more real people held up for public acclaim.  Real people are easily dismissed far too often by easily apparent failings, physical imperfections and personality quirks that nowadays get writ large and immediately exposed on the public stage of social media and etc.

Give me good fictional (or thinly veiled) characters that I can admire and internalize with self-possessing glee – that could be me! 

Or in this case, that could be my daughter!

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