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Fast food kills gut bacteria that can keep you slim, study finds

Fast food kills gut bacteria that can keep you slim, study finds

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I wonder if someday we'll be able to get good microbe implants. 

In one study discussed in the book, Spector enlisted his 23-year-old son, Tom, who agreed to spend 10 days eating nothing but McDonald’s chicken nuggets, fries, burgers and Coca-Cola.

“Before I started my father’s fast food diet there were about 3500 bacterial species in my gut, dominated by a type called firmicutes,” the younger Spector, a genetics student told The Australian.

“Once on the diet I rapidly lost 1,300 species of bacteria and my gut was dominated by a different group called bacteroidetes. The implication is that the McDonald’s diet killed 1,300 of my gut species,” he said.

This discovery suggested to his father that many cases of obesity may not simply be due to overeating.

“Microbes get a bad press, but only a few of the millions of species are harmful and many are crucial to our health,” Professor Spector told The Australian.

“What is emerging is that changes in our gut microbe community , or microbiome, are likely to be responsible for much of our obesity epidemic, and consequences like diabetes, cancer and heart disease,” he said. “It is clear that the more diverse your diet, the more diverse your microbes and the better your health at any age.”

I'm not a parent, but from what I can tell the average American child's diet goes heavy on the chicken nuggets and cupcakes these days. What will the long-term health consequences be?

That those children grow up with important microbes missing!

for starters!

There are all these compelling reasons to not feed kids fast food.

Yet fast food is more popular than ever. 

That's a strange disconnect. 

We need a new style of braggart parent bumper stickers: "Proud parent of an excellent microbiome!"

You may be onto something there Geege!

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