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Catelyn and Sansa Stark at the Broken Tower of Winterfell

Catelyn and Sansa Stark at The Broken Tower of winterfell meme Imgur Tumblr game of thrones s5e5 s1e2

They really love this camera angle, from s1e2 to s5e5.

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I just rewatched episodes s01e01- 02 recently. It's amazing how many key events and relevance those early eps still have. The angle from Sansa's POV looking up at the tower was almost the exact same shot from the premiere. Last week when she dusted off that feather , it echoed Robert Baratheon's scene placing it in the hand of Lyanna's statue. This show is very rewarding from multiple viewings. Conversely, I can see how new viewers might be asking, "what's the big deal?" or "who's Bran?"

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