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Want to Hire More Diverse People? Raise Your Bar.

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One of the many ways that seeking to increase diversity can help a company is by forcing everyone to take a harder look at hiring practices for all. Some actionable practices here.

In that second article I found the hiring biases to be fascinating.

One of the key lessons is that when we (humans) don’t have clear criteria for making a choice, we tend alter our criteria to match subconscious preferences (see this article for some examples and more information). Another key lesson is that when humans lack information about a situation, our brain uses its subconscious associations to fill in the gaps.

I appreciate Joelle's Medium post but her example companies are Stripe, Square, Slack, and Google.

Multi-billion dollar companies have more resources to put these processes into place.

Stripe recently released a new description of its on-site engineering interview process. In it Stripe describes what candidates can expect in the interview process, what Stripe is assessing for, and how to prepare. It even includes tactical advice, like “come with questions for your interviewer.”

The description includes things that some people — people who have worked or interviewed at other tech companies with similar processes, people who went to schools that prepared them well for interviews, people who have networks of friends who can tell them what to expect — might already know. But they’re things that a lot of people, and often people from underrepresented backgrounds, may not know. By making all of this open and transparent, Stripe eliminates the information imbalance that often characterizes interview processes and creates a more level playing field.

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