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Why we should aim to build a forever company, not just a unicorn, by Andrew Chen

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I think it takes a few tries to find a forever company.

Yes but it helps to have in mind that you want to build a forever company. 

That will help you to look for one, and to nurture it when you find it. 

"In this great interview with Jiro, he talks about feeling like a master only after reaching 50 years. The discussion on handmade versus automation fascinating, as well as the work ethic of younger generations. Everyone who’s working in design or engineering in software will relate, I’m sure."

What a great movie!  So many truths with one heck of a desire to go to Japan.

Feeling like a master after reaching 50 isn't guaranteed, but certainly it is something that becomes possible if you have a path behind you with miles of daily practice... becoming aware of such potentials before full maturity is helpful... if not necessary.

There's no such thing as accidental mastery in my experience.

Yeah, mastery does seem like the result of deliberate practice over a long period of time.

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