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Is surviving on 20-minute naps bad for you?

Who what why Is surviving on 20 minute naps bad for you BBC News


For five days and nights the pilot will fly alone over the Pacific, taking 20-minute "cat naps", 10 to 12 times a day, and leaving the autopilot temporarily unobserved. He's been trained in self-hypnosis, allowing "the body to regenerate into a very deep relaxation and keep the brain alert enough" to monitor instruments when awake, it's claimed.

But Kevin Morgan, professor of psychology at the Loughborough Sleep Centre, warns that at least half an hour is needed for a restorative nap, and 90 minutes for a full sleep cycle.

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My friend who went through Seal training said that as long as you are constantly eating, you can survive on cat naps or even just relaxed awakeness for a week or two (or longer, but he didn't try it). 

Okay so even the Navy SEAL says napping only is not a long term sustainable strategy. 

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