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I regret buying an Apple Watch (and I knew I would)

I regret buying an Apple Watch and I knew I would


It's because I haven't used it much since I got it home and synced the apps from my phone. I put it on and... I don't know what to do with it. I flip around the watch faces, customize a chronograph with my own charms of choice and then waver between that and the addictive foot-tapping Mickey. I see how Instagram looks on my wrist; I get lost spinning around the moon, the Earth, the Milky Way. I send some NSFW doodles to a colleague, and then my heartbeat. I dictate to Siri a text message to my mum back in the UK. And I'm at a loss to what to do next. When I get a new phone, I can't help but tinker around with apps, wallpaper, the camera, adding my music. The Apple Watch brings your apps closer, but it feels like a lot of things are trapped behind a glass display case. While I can see my notifications from a wide array of apps, interaction is either impossible for a lot of them, or limited to a few prescribed patterns or functions. Siri can send a text message, but you'd need the iPhone to do the same on email.

After two weeks of wearing the Watch, nothing has changed. I wear it, but I'm not gaining anything from the experience. My phone is typically nearby. Perhaps I'm just not a smartwatch kind of guy. I like to wear a watch, but when it's the Apple Watch, it's not giving me enough bang for my buck. I hand it to a friend to play with, and they press or swipe (or do something) and I see a screen I've never seen before -- there's very much a learning curve.

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Learning Curve + No Obvious Killer App = Bumpy Roads Ahead

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