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Eve Online: how a virtual world went to the edge of apocalypse and back

Eve Online how a virtual world went to the edge of apocalypse and back Simon Parkin Technology The Guardian


The video game Eve Online is one of Iceland’s biggest exports and has become the world’s largest living work of science fiction. While rival games have come and gone, it has survived – thanks to a unique experiment in democracy


When the code word went out, the spy network was poised to strike. Mirial’s prize ship was destroyed, along with her escape pod and, finally, her vacuum-frozen body was delivered to the Guiding Hand Social Club’s client. Shogaatsu’s spies looted the company’s hangars and vaults. The combined cost of the ambush and theft totalled more than 30bn ISK, an estimated £10,600 of assets lost through robbery or destruction. It was, at the time, the largest theft of virtual assets in any video game.

While the ensuing news reports brought Eve to the attention of players around the world, some feared it might destroy the universe too. “It was a pivotal moment,” said Hilmar Pétursson, who worked at CCP from the beginning, and who took over as the company’s CEO in 2004, shortly before the incident. “People wanted CCP to interfere. They felt betrayed and outraged. But we looked at what had happened and could see no rules that had been broken. Only trust had been broken. It’s not our job to guarantee trust.”

When CCP released a statement to this effect there was an outcry from both players and staff calling for the decision to be reversed. For many, a line between play and reality had been crossed. Overnight, 500 people cancelled their subscriptions to the game. For a few days, New Eden teetered on the brink of destruction.

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Once again someone or something from Iceland shows its strength and ability to survive!

Oh the good old days, someday I'll make it back ;)

You used to play? Did you know it's Icelandic?

I knew it was from there, but didn't appreciate all that Iceland had going, yet.

Iceland really is amazing for a 500,000 person country. 

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