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Silicon Valley's 'Startup Castle' is looking for roommates, and the requirements are completely bonkers

Silicon Valley s Startup Castle is looking for roommates and the requirements are completely bonkers Fusion


Do you have a fancy college degree or a job in a STEM field? Do you have fewer than two tattoos? Do you avoid Tinder dates and songs with explicit lyrics? Do you spend more than two hours a day exercising? Then you may be qualified to live at the Startup Castle, a self-proclaimed “community of excellence” located in a 17,000-square foot mansion in Woodside, California, just minutes from Stanford’s campus.

The Startup Castle—which has its own website and an official mission statement (“Educate. Liberate. Disrupt.”)—has been around for at least a year. Formerly known as the Buck Estate, the Tudor-style mansion is now inhabited by a group of Stanford-affiliated tech workers and researchers, who began using it as a group home and workspace. The house’s siteproclaims that the space has “everything you need to live and launch your greatest ambitions,” including meeting rooms, bunk beds, and luxury rooms to house out-of-town investors.

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“This may not be the right place,” the Startup Castle says, if you:

– Watch more than 4 hours of TV/movie/game entertainment per week

– Have more than 1 tattoo

– Have ever attended more than 1 protest

– Make more than three posts a week to social media

– Listen to a songs with explicit lyrics more than an once a day

– Wear make-up more than twice a week

– Own any clothing, shoes, watches, or handbags costing over $500

– Have bills that get paid by somebody else

– Drive a vehicle that was given to you by your parents

– Get regular spending money or gifts from your parents

– Have more than one internet app date per week

– Have a complex diet that requires lots of refrigerator space

– Drink alcohol more than 3 drinks per week

– Use marijuana more than twice a year

– Have been prescribed anything by a psychiatrist more than once

– Use any other drug more than twice in your entire life

... I hope they vetted those requirements through a lawyer, b/c it seems to me these are illegal as hell.

is this for real?  i would not qualify.  i still drive my mom's old volvo.  ;)

It's for real and as Jason points out, probably illegal.

It paints quite a picture of the residents, doesn't it?

yeah, they sound... intense.

Intensely vanilla.

artificial vanilla.

with all those strict requirements of "excellence" you'd think they could have figured out how to properly align the text on their templated website.

I guess they're too busy being excellent to worry about text alignment. 

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