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Small Home with a Big Garage (Floor Plan)

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Hahaha hilarious! In fact I live in a suburb where they mandate a 2 car garage for each home... despite the fact that I would prefer to bike commute each and every day. A brilliant hack that could actually be quite stylish!

But you have to go through the garage to get to the bathroom? That seems inconvenient. 

who says the garage has to be full of cars? seems like a perfect maker pad to me ;-)

if the master had a bathroom and the garage had a maserati, it'd be great!  (just one maserati, clean and parked at a diagonal, on display.)  the rest of the garage would be an art studio!

and that hall that goes to nowhere needs to be a closet.

Agreed that hall would make a fine closet.

At the very least the bathroom needs to open into the "garage".

But yeah, having to trek through the whole house from the master to get to the bathroom is bad design.

Is that garage under air? If it is, goodbye garage, hello great room!   

Lol that everything opens to the garage.

well, if it's in cali, it doesn't even need a/c, just a cross-breeze.

i'm kinda loving the idea of a giant great room that has a whole wall (maybe 2) made of a garage door.

One-way mirror garage door!!  You can see the pedestrians but they can't see you!  



now you're talking!!

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