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Below the Buildings: Karst and Construction at UCSC

Below the Buildings: Karst and Construction at UCSC | Mobile Ranger

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I had no idea there are so many fracture zones at UCSC.

Most people know of the San Andreas Fault that runs almost the length of California but not many are aware of the 33 plus fracture zones and faults that are spread across the UCSC campus. Disguised as dry creek beds, Chancellor Gulch and Jordan Gulch are the largest fracture/fault zones on campus running nearly the entire length of the campus. Movement along these faults creates areas that are pulverized and more permeable. These porous areas make the perfect outlet for groundwater flow in the rainy season and create underground rivers with no destination in sight. Most of the creeks on campus will appear from springs up river and then disappear underground into a closed sinkhole (swallow hole) into the deep unknown.

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