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The popularity of redistributing wealth

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But what if the American mainstream actually likes the idea of redistributing wealth? Gallup published an interesting report along these lines this week.    More than 75 years ago, at the tail end of the Great Depression, the Roper research organization and Fortune magazine asked Americans about “heavy taxes on the rich” as one method of redistributing wealth, and found one-third (35%) agreeing that the government should do this. Gallup began asking this question again in 1998, and found Americans’ agreement at 45%.         Since then, Americans’ support for this idea has fluctuated, but has reached a high point of 52% in Gallup’s most recent two surveys, conducted in April 2013 and April of this year.

Have to be careful not to allow for a tyranny of the majority situation. 

Even if the majority of Americans wanted to take away all of the wealth from some individuals, that wouldn't make it the right thing to do. 

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