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What Is the Future of ESPN's Grantland Without Bill Simmons?

What Is the Future of ESPN s Grantland Without Bill Simmons The Q GQbill-simmons-grantland.jpg


One of the very first pieces that Grantland ever published back in the summer of 2011 was an oral history of The National, the cult daily newspaper about sports that launched in 1990. It only lasted 18 months, but in its brief existence, it gathered up a gang of media mega-talent, changed the game of sports journalism, and then blew apart. Bill Simmons has long revered The National, and in addition to the Grantland oral history, Simmons mentioned it multiple times in his public statements about Grantland before it launched. 

Even then, even on day one, this obsession with The National always seemed like a coded hint about what Simmons hoped Grantland would become: The National for the digital age, yes, a new kind of sports publication, yes, but also one that—just like its inspiration—would burn bright for a brief time and then vanish. 

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Grantland will likely be much worse without Bill Simmons. 

i wonder who will follow him...

Me! I will follow him!

i meant from Grantland. I know I am following what he built with Grantland.

Deadspin thinks it will be his podcasting team.

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