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Here Comes the Keurig of Everything

Here Comes the Keurig of Everything IEEE Spectrum


At MakerCon’s Launch Pad, Sereneti Kitchen introduced a device called Cookie; it’s a Keurig for food, designed to make stir fries, stews, risottos—any dish with a relatively small list of ingredients that can be made in a single pot. The company plans to roll out a subscription plan, offering trays of fresh, local, and pre-cut ingredients with downloadable recipes. Cookie, the robot chef, dispenses the ingredients at appropriate times, adjusts the cooking temperature, and stirs. Sereneti plans to launch its crowd funding campaign early next year.

I just don’t see it. Stirring really is not the hard part of cooking, except, perhaps, for a risotto, and risottos aren’t consumed quite as often as coffee.

If these two types of gadgets don’t catch on, perhaps the lesson learned will be that we don’t actually need a Keurig for everything.

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Yes! Yes!! Do not process all the foods!!! Leave us with SOMETHING natural. Please!

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