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When I heard about Soylent, I thought my prayers had been answered. I was wrong.

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But despite my feelings about food, I haven't gone full-bore. Yes, I have a dozen-odd bags of Soylent lying around my kitchen and a bunch of MealSquares in the fridge. I drink Soylent every so often. I find the taste sort of palatable. But it hasn't replaced food. It hasn't even replaced one meal out of the day, as I expected it to. Here's why.

1) It's too hard to make

2) It's too inflexible

3) You Can't Escape Food

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This is absolutely a rant session by an incompetent human, this person simply would have not survived in this world 150 years ago.    Thank god for delivery and fast food. the person is missing the point of Soylent and comes of as a lazy crybaby. I think the part that best exemplifies this is the last paragraph of reason 2,and lead sentences of reason 3 because the last part of 2 actually continues after reason 3 beings.

There's a point of Soylent? Honestly most of the people I know who have tried it sound just like this... they hate food and see it as something to just get over with. Oh and they tend not to actually be all that concerned about optimum nutrition or health, so the lowest common denominator is fine.

Actually Soylent sounds like protein shake minus minus:

The biggest issue, taste-wise, was clumping. Pitchers aren't actually great mixing tools; powder gets stuck to the bottom, it's hard to maneuver mixing implements like spoons or chopsticks, and the Soylent pitcher is tall enough that those implements aren't actually that useful. The result was — even after a night in the fridge broke up those clumps a bit — a drinkable but chalky and occasionally dry mix.

Seems like anyone who wants to avoid consuming processed things should avoid Soylent.

Halibutboy, the point is exactly what you stated, it's there for people who just don't care about food but people still do need to eat.  that's where Soylent comes in.  I make my pure whey protein shakes and I add a scoop of dried fruit and vegetable powder to satisfy all my nutrient needs.  I am sure, just as with protein shakes, there is a right way and a wrong way to mixing the powder he just didn't do it the right way.

They couldn't do some research to make soylent actually be optimum nutrition?

I like the guy who says, "That's terrible."

Isn't Soylent Green made of people?

Yes, but "Solyent Grey" is made of amino acids... and paste, it looks like.

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