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Game of Thrones s5e6 Precap: Roose Bolton Wife, Who Rules Stormlands, and How to Get from Volantis to Meereen

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Not that it seems to matter, but with Robert and Renly dead and with Stannis at the Wall, who is ruling the stormlands? Is it Brienne’s father?

Interesting question. It’s definitely not Brienne’s father, though. Not much has been said about the current state of the stormlands in the show. Under normal conditions — whatever the hell that means in Westerosi terms — Stannis would be Lord Paramount of the stormlands, and we know he still holds Dragonstone. But since he’s in open rebellion against the crown — and since, legally speaking, King Tommen is Robert Baratheon’s son — it’s safe to say the region is in dispute. If Tommen were getting good advice, one would imagine that something pretty high on his to-do list would be obtaining oaths of loyalty from the various noble houses in the stormlands, including whoever is the Castellan of Storm’s End (the traditional seat of the Lords Paramount of the region), or else he should be preparing to march on the area and lay siege to the Baratheon seat to bring it to heel. Which wouldn’t be an easy task even in the best of times. Storm’s End — located on a cliff — is a powerful, essentially impregnable castle, with thick, round walls and secret passageways for resupply or escape that run down to the sea. During Robert’s Rebellion, Stannis held the castle against the forces of the Reach for nearly a year, though his men were forced to eat the horses, various family pets, and rats before Davos Seaworth smuggled in food by sea.

What’s up with Roose Bolton’s wife Walda?

Walda is a member of the Frey family, one of the numerous grandchildren of the treacherous Lord of the Crossing, Walder Frey. Walder, you probably remember, was (along with Roose Bolton and Tywin Lannister) one of the conspirators behind the Red Wedding. Walder had offered Roose, who was without a wife and had only the demented serial killer Ramsay as his heir, his pick of the Frey brood to cement their alliance. The Freys are a notoriously homely family, and not well thought of by their fellow nobility, and so, perhaps cognizant of that, Walder sweetened the offer by promising Bolton a dowry of his chosen bride’s weight in silver. So Roose, ever cunning, simply picked the most corpulent Frey he could find.

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