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Nurse Confessions: Don’t Get Sick in July

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When I was in the hospital for a week, I never even met my head neurosurgeon while conscious... but the nurses were there literally 24/7. Get to know your angel of mercy with a frothy yet serious new book.

The article is a good read. Unfortunately it also gives me a lot of anxiety.

Many nurses call their profession—3.5 million strong in the United States and more than 20 million worldwide—a “secret club.”

And by the way, you should be good to nurses:

That’s going in your chart. Ever wonder what nurses are writing in your patient chart? Everything. If you say something offensive or off-the-wall, nurses chart it. If your family member creates issues, that goes in the chart, too. “I always chart when a patient is difficult or belligerent. I keep it objective and write direct quotes; it’s funny to have to type ‘Fuck you, bitch’ in medical documentation,” said Molly. If a patient later sues the hospital, the documented evidence can diminish the patient’s credibility.

You should treat them like your waitress at a restaurant, if you want good service and you want the cooks (doctors) to like you, you had better be nice.Maybe you should just try to be a good person in general and if your family is crap let the nurses know that and your family isn't a reflection of you.

Nathaniel that's good advice: 

Be a good person in general and warn people if your family does not reflect you. 

I should mention that the entire 8 days I was in Stanford surgical ICU and neurocritical care unit, I don't think I ever saw another patient who was conscious and mobile. The reality is that medical intervention can keep alive an increasing number of people who can't speak, walk, or use a toilet much less make sure their nurses feel appreciated.