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A look back 35 years after Mount St. Helens' deadly eruption

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Today you learned what about Mt St Helens?

Mt. St. Helens is still active!


Yes, the volcano is still active. "But it's not erupting now," said Carolyn Driedger with the U.S. Geological Survey.    Scientists, however, are constantly recording activity in and around the mountain, including tiny temblors and gas releases.    In September 2004, after 18 quiet years, the volcano rumbled back to life with a swarm of tiny, shallow quakes. The first of a series of small explosions on Oct. 1 shot volcanic ash and gases into the air. A lava dome began to rise in the volcano's crater, building slowly over three years during the eruption period that lasted from 2004 to 2008.    The volcano hasn't erupted since 2008, but it has been changing very subtly. Last year, scientists confirmed suspicions that fresh molten rock has been recharging the volcano since 2008. The magma reservoir about 5 miles beneath the volcano has been slowly re-pressurizing since 2008.    The uplift is slow, steady and subtle, measuring about the length of a thumbnail over six years, scientists said in 2014.    




Scientists say Mount St. Helens is the most active volcano in the Cascades and the most likely to erupt again, perhaps in this generation, but they can't predict years in advance when or how big it will be. There have been two significant eruptions at Mount St. Helens in the past 35 years.    Scientists meanwhile have developed new monitoring tools and installed a network of GPS and seismic monitors to track the mountain's movements. If the volcano reawakens, those monitors can detect signals to help scientists forecast whether an eruption is likely to happen within hours, days or weeks.    "We will know right away when there's some abnormal activity," Driedger said.

So it could erupt again at any time? Sheesh!


And yet not worth losing sleep over. 

More like a rubble book!

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