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Why a Bottle of Japanese Iced Tea is the Ultimate Summer Refresher

Why a Bottle of Japanese Iced Tea is the Ultimate Summer Refresher Serious Eats


Yet even in the iced tea category, finding an unsweetened bottle is a chore. Almost every American producer of the stuff heavily sweetens theirs, and it's virtually all flavored, too, because beyond the sugar thing, there's a second constant of selling drinks to us Americans: tea is fine as long as it doesn't taste like tea. Which would in itself be fine, if the pomegranate-mint-mango green tea tasted halfway decent, like those real ingredients instead of test tube flavoring. But it rarely ever does. 

This isn't the case across Asia. Walk into a convenience store in Japan, China, Taiwan, or Singapore, and you may be greeted by a whole fridge devoted to bottled iced tea in dozens of varieties, most of which comes unsweetened and unflavored. There's nothing more perfect for those countries' so-humid-the-air-is-turning-to-water summer days, and whenever I go, I try to sample a new one every day just because I can.

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Oh PLEASE let this trend take off in America. 

I love unsweetened tea. It's my favorite beverage since I gave up soda 6 months ago. 

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