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How we store food at home could be linked to how much we eat.

How We Store Food At Home Could Be Linked To How Much We Eat : The Salt : NPR

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Not "could be". Definitely there's a correlation.

Keeping food out of sight could be a way to keep it out of your mouth. That's the hunch of Charles Emery, a psychologist at Ohio State University, anyway. His latest research suggests that how food is set up around the house could be influencing how much people eat and, ultimately, how heavy they might be.

OMG maybe people should stop eating cereal.

This isn't the first time researchers have noticed that your environment may, in some part, shape your weight. "It's really supportive of a line of research out there that finds eating behaviors are really influenced by environment," says David Just, a behavioral economist at Cornell University who was not involved in the study. In other research, scientists have found that people who kept cereal out in the open were often about 20 pounds heavier than people who kept cereal behind closed doors.

Hey great  observations, but where the link?

Hey, thanks!

I prefer reading Brian Wansink's studies out of Cornell... he's more comprehensive and practical regarding what to do about such key discoveries, many collected in his book, Mindless Eating, and also offered for free here:

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