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Chef Grills Steak, Volcano-Style, With Molten Lava

Chef Grills Steak Volcano Style With Molten Lava The Salt NPR


Bompas first tried cooking with lava on a trip to Sakurajima, an active volcano in Japan. A self-proclaimed "architectural foodsmith" with a long resume of experimentation, Bompas didn't hesitate to jump a fence to try roasting marshmallows over a stream of flowing lava.

The experience was so intense that he wanted to share it with others. But he couldn't bring people to the volcano – so he looked for a way to bring the volcano to the people.

"We found there is one man in the world who can make synthetic lava," says Bompas, "and we called him up."

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Synthetic lava for bbq?! Heck yes!

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