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This Is How Valve’s Amazing Lighthouse Tracking Technology Works

This Is How Valve s Amazing Lighthouse Tracking Technology Works


Ready for the genius part? When a flash occurs, the headset simply starts counting (like a stopwatch) until it “sees” which one of its photosensors gets hit by a laser beam—and uses the relationship between where that photosensor exists on the headset, and when the beam hit the photosensor, to mathematically calculate its exact position relative to the base stations in the room.

Hit enough of those photosensors with a laser at the same time, and they form a “pose” — a 3D shape that not only lets you know where the headset is, but the direction it’s facing, too!

Again, no optical tracking required. It’s all about timing. 

The result is cheap, accurate positional tracking. A bit high-level and wordy, I know, but it’s pretty awesome—Lighthouse is so accurate that jugglers can virtually toss and catch multiple objects under their legs and behind their back. 

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They're right, that's genius!

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